COVID-19 Response: Powering Critical Connections

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our lives, Clarios is here to help people get where they need to go. We enable our customers, communities and employees to make critical connections safely and successfully through our advanced energy storage solutions.  FIND A BATTERY

Offering extra aid to our communities

At the corporate level, we’ve pledged $350,000 to aid in COVID-19 global relief efforts. And we’ve donated critical medical supplies and equipment to health care organizations, and batteries to frontline workers.

Serving customers knowledgeably and reliably

Clarios is our industry’s only global manufacturer, with more than 50 locations around the world. We’re well-positioned to ensure supply chain stability, adapt quickly to changing regional needs, and guide customers through a time of uncertainty. For instance, we’ve helped vehicle manufacturers worldwide understand and manage the impact of low state of battery charge during production slowdowns—protecting inventory and our customers’ best interests.

Recognizing the commitment of our people

We thank Clarios associates around the world, especially our critical and essential employees. Their bravery and dedication help keep those on the COVID-19 front lines mobile.

Helping everyday people become everyday heroes

Helping everyday people become everyday heroes

In ordinary times, Clarios provides energy storage solutions that make people’s lives better. In these extraordinary times, we give people the power to get to where they can do the most good—becoming the heroes the world needs now. We’re confident that, working through this crisis together, we can power today into a healthier tomorrow.

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