Bosch honors Clarios with global supplier award and new three-year contract

Strong customer partnerships and global collaboration are critical to success.
Clarios' Bosch Account Management Team

Bosch, Clarios' largest customer in EMEA and 5th largest customer globally, recognized Clarios for satisfying demand peaks of up to 200% over several months at its 17th Annual Supplier Award ceremony in July. Clarios was one of 46 of Bosch's 30,000 suppliers who were recognized for their outstanding performance in the manufacture and supply of products. Prior to the award, Clarios secured a new three-year contract with Bosch where we will continue to build upon our strong partnership. 

The Clarios account team successfully navigated supply chain and logistic challenges during this unprecedented year by nurturing a close relationship with the customer. This included weekly touchpoints to stay aligned and streamlining processes to work more efficiently. The account team also took a global business approach by supporting the EMEA, LATAM, APAC and China sales teams to ensure that we could produce and effectively deliver the right amount of product on a global scale. 

"I am very proud of the team that met the needs of customers during this challenging time. The Bosch and Clarios teams are very closely integrated and work together as partners – which is our key to success," said Josef Hufmann, Global Key Account Director Bosch. 

Clarios and Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch) were involved in a joint venture to manufacture and distribute batteries in Europe for nearly 30 years. In 2019, Clarios acquired Bosch's 20% stake and thus all shares in the joint venture. As a result, Clarios now supplies its high-quality batteries to Bosch for distribution through its spare part distribution channels. 

"After the change in our business model with Bosch in 2019, our relationship with our long-time partner was at times challenging," said Ulrich Eich, Vice President Aftermarket EMEA. "It is great to see how things have progressed and that Bosch clearly recognizes our dedication to their busines." 

Many thanks to everyone who played a part in this successful customer endeavor!