Mai 5, 2021 Announcements Awards and Recognition

Heliar celebrates 90 years as the leading battery brand in Brazil

With a long history, company looks to the future. Established in 1931, Brazil’s leading battery brand celebrates its 90th anniversary.

Built on nine decades of innovation and bringing leading-edge products to the market, Heliar® is not resting on past accomplishments.

Established in 1931, this month Brazil’s leading battery brand celebrates its 90th anniversary.

Heliar introduced the lead-acid battery to Brazil and built on that foundation. It continues to guide market trends, maintaining its position as the preferred battery provider among Brazilian automakers. Heliar’s innovative products provide reliable energy to vehicles, help maintain urban mobility, and power services that have become increasingly essential throughout the company’s history, including hospitals, telecommunications and data centers. It is also a key player in the country’s fleet industry. 

“In this journey, the brand has become synonymous with innovation, cutting-edge technology, quality, durability and sustainability,” said Alex Pacheco, VP & GM, Southern Cone. “We’ve always been the market leader. It is not by chance that most automakers choose Heliar because they have trust in our product.” 

To celebrate this milestone, Pacheco offered a personal message to thank everyone who has played a role in the Heliar story.


The Road to 100

Looking to the future, Clarios and Heliar are well positioned to capitalize on market trends, most notably electrified and autonomous vehicles, which are elevating the critical role of the battery, as well as accelerating the need for increased inventory and functionality.

“In nine decades, Heliar has continued to make the future happen in the present, leading trends with the most advanced technologies in the category,” Pacheco said. “We continue toward the centenary with the certainty that we will continue to innovate and create the most intelligent energy storage solutions in the world, solutions that benefit people, businesses and the planet.”

Congratulations to Heliar and the entire Clarios Brazil team. Looking forward to our journey on the road to 100!