Ein informierter Kandidat ist für uns der geeignetere Kandidat. Hier sind Sie auf unserer Website genau richtig, um sich unseren Karrierebereich anzuschauen.
Green Chair in Lobby

By Michele in Talent Acquisition

An educated job seeker is really a better job candidate for us. You’ve come to the right place by visiting us on our website and finding our careers area. The more you know about Clarios, we believe, the more excited you will be about joining us. So here are my top recommendations for things to read, or watch, when researching Clarios to get to know us better: 

  1. Read our latest Environment Social & Governance Report. It will be a fabulous overview of everything that we hold most sacred at the company: our commitments to the planet, inclusivity and human rights, the health and safety of our workforce, and so much more. Reading this report is really about the heart and soul of the company so it’s a great way to prepare for an interview and see if your values align with ours. 
  2. The products section of our website is a great place to browse too. Of course, which part of the website you dive deepest into will really depend on what type of job you are interviewing for within the company. But, I’d make this recommendation: no matter if you are interviewing to be a janitor or a customer service representative or a product engineer, everyone needs to understand the array of products we create and have an appreciation for what we produce. It’s not enough to know that we create 150 million batteries a year. Know a little more than that so you can understand where we are going when we lead the future of transportation. 
  3. Clarios’ LinkedIn page is another good spot to look over, not just to see our latest posts and company updates but also to read over the LinkedIn Life pages which are designed to share what life is like inside the company to potential new hires. 
  4. Finally, take a moment to peruse the videos out on our YouTube channel to hear from a few corporate spokespeople on our core topics of sustainability, new product technology, and a few brand highlight videos. 

As you get to know us better, if you have not looked through the open jobs in your area of expertise, I invite you to do so now by clicking here