In Latin America, Europe, Asia and beyond, we're delivering next-generation performance for a world of journeys.

  • VARTA Automotive
    With a history of 130+ years of German innovation, VARTA® automotive batteries have set the standard for premium performance in Europe, China, Asia and South America for all types of vehicles.
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  • Heliar Logo
    For more than 90 years, Heliar® has provided smart energy solutions and service excellence for Brazil and the South American market with high-quality batteries that meet the growing electrical demands in vehicles.
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  • LTH Logo
    Backed by 90+ years of advanced technology and leading service, LTH® is the most recognized brand in Mexico and Central America – known for quality, safety, trust and tradition.
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  • OPTIMA Logo
    OPTIMA® is the premium, high-performance brand of automotive, marine and commercial batteries worldwide, delivering the long-lasting, unsurpassed performance that today’s automotive professionals and enthusiasts demand.
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  • Delkor Logo
    Delkor® batteries are renowned for quality and innovation in Korea and are available worldwide with design features to support automotive, commercial, and recreational applications.
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  • MAC
    For 65+ years, MAC® has been an automotive battery technology leader known for its commitment to the environment, providing high performance batteries in South America and Caribbean.
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