Pushing The Limits for Ultimate Power 

Brute Power  

OPTIMA delivers raw force to power through the most aggressive demands. In extreme situations, OPTIMA meets strength with strength. 

Pure Performance  

Built for professionals and all types of enthusiasts, OPTIMA looks for every technological edge to push to peak performance.  

Extreme Endurance  

OPTIMA is the only power source that can attack as hard as you and for as long as you. OPTIMA will push the limit every time and leave pretenders far behind.   


The World’s First  

Commercially available automotive AGM battery.   

100 Countries  

OPTIMA is the most widely distributed aftermarket battery in the world.  

Advanced AGM Production 

OPTIMA Batteries are manufactured in a facility that is ISO 14000 certified for environmental management and ISO/TS 16949 for quality management.   


Every OPTIMA Battery is built and tested in a state-of-the-art production facility. Everything that goes in helps you get the most out — on the track, the trail, the water, anywhere ultimate power, performance and reliability are needed. 

OPTIMA Racecar Turning around a Road Bend


If you're an enthusiast of performance cars, tuning, hi-fi audio, in-car entertainment or 4x4 performance, or just like to push your modern car to the limit, it’s hard to match the pure power and performance OPTIMA Batteries offers.
Man Casting a Fishing Line off a Boat


With so many accessories to power, boats and recreational vehicles demand a lot of support — and OPTIMA BLUETOP® batteries meets them head-on with the power to stay on stronger and go longer.
Dune Buggy Driving in Desert


Motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, personal watercraft and snowmobiles — OPTIMA® AGM and Lithium batteries deliver the power, performance and reliability that powersports enthusiasts seek.
Large Snow Plow Clearing a Street


Heavy-duty jobs require superior cranking, vibration resistance and fast recharging — making OPTIMA AGM batteries THE ULTIMATE POWER SOURCE® for today’s hard-working commercial vehicles.

OPTIMA in the News 

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