• Mark Wallace President & CEO

    Mark Wallace

    Mr. Wallace has nearly 30 years of experience in the automotive, commercial vehicle, off-highway and aftermarket industries.
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  • Chief Financial Officer

    Helmut Zodl

    Helmut Zodl joined Clarios as Chief Financial Officer in September of 2023. He has extensive global experience as a CFO.
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  • Elizabeth Powers Chief Human Resources Officer

    Elizabeth Powers

    Mrs. Powers has over 30 years of experience in human resources and labor relations for large industrial companies.
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  • Chad Steighner Chief Digital and Information Officer

    Chad Steighner

    In his current role Chad serves as Chief Digital and Information Officer with key priorities of operating and securing the IT landscape, overseeing IT project delivery, leading advanced manufacturing, and acting as a digital catalyst to the company.
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  • Claudio Morfe Vice President & General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

    Claudio Morfe

    Mr. Morfe has more than 30 years of experience as a legal executive in the United States, Latin America, China and Europe.
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  • Dr. Werner Benade President, EMEA

    Dr. Werner Benade

    Dr. Werner Benade currently serves as President of the Clarios EMEA region.
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  • Federico Morales Zimmerman Vice President & General Manager OE Customers & Technology

    Federico Morales Zimmermann

    Federico Morales Zimmermann joined Clarios as Vice President and General Manager, Global OEM Customers, Products and Engineering, in January of 2023.
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  • Gerardo Gonazalez-Aleu President, USCAN

    Gerardo Gonzalez-Aleu

    Gerardo Gonzalez-Aleu currently serves as the President of the Clarios USCAN region. Previously, he was responsible for the Latin America market, and co-managed the Americas segment since March of 2020.
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  • Becky Kryger Vice President and Global Controller

    Becky Kryger

    Becky Kryger has served as Vice President and Global Controller of Clarios since July of 2019.
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  • Leslie Wong President, Asia

    Leslie Wong

    Leslie Wong joined Clarios in September of 2019 and currently serves as President of the Asia region.
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  • Kathie Campbell Vice President, Investor Relations

    Kathie Campbell

    Kathie Campbell has served as Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Investor Relations for Clarios since May of 2019.
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  • Marc Andraca Vice President, Global Sourcing & Supply Chain

    Marc Andraca

    Marc Andraca joined Clarios in January of 2018, and currently serves as Vice President of Global Sourcing and Supply Chain.
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