Empowering a New Generation of Clarios Leaders

Clarios Launches Operations Bootcamp
Operations Bootcamp

As Clarios strategically moves through a U.S. Operational Transformation, we understand just how pivotal investing in our people is. That’s why we launched Operations Bootcamp in 2023, a transformative initiative that equips our plant leadership – from frontline supervisors to Operations Directors – with the skills and mindset they need for future leadership.

Operations Bootcamp is a comprehensive series of courses designed to build future Clarios Leaders. The curriculum goes beyond traditional training, taking best in class leadership concepts and turning them into to actionable practicum. By the end of their course, employees gain understanding and experience in topics, including

  • Servant Leadership: We delve into the core tenets of servant leadership, emphasizing empathy, collaboration, and putting others first. Our leaders learn that true strength lies in lifting others up.
  • Root Cause Analyses: Armed with analytical tools, our participants dissect complex challenges. They learn to identify underlying issues, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Operations Bootcamp isn’t just about individual growth; it’s about elevating Clarios as a whole. By nurturing leadership capabilities, we empower our teams to thrive at every level. Whether it’s a frontline supervisor making real-time decisions or an operations director shaping strategic vision, our bootcamp alumni lead with purpose.


You can read more about our Talent Development and training programs in our 2023 Sustainability Report.