VARTA’s Electrifying Partnership with NXT Gen Cup

Paving the Way for Young Talent
Varta's Electrifying Partnership

In June 2023, VARTA joined forces with the NXT Gen Cup, the world’s pioneering fully electric youth touring car cup. This groundbreaking partnership is more than just a collaboration—it’s a commitment to sustainable racing and nurturing the next generation of drivers.

The NXT Gen Cup introduces a fresh concept to the motorsport arena. Young drivers take the wheel of the all-new LRT NXT1—a fully electric race car based on the MINI Cooper SE road car. With 190-230 horsepower (depending on the circuit), instant torque, and “push to pass” functionality, the LRT NXT1 delivers high performance while keeping sustainability a top priority.

The cup operates on an “arrive and drive” model, giving all drivers equal machinery and keeping the costs down for the drivers, allowing them to concentrate solely on racing. No distractions, no worries—just pure adrenaline as they lay the groundwork for their professional racing careers. But the NXT Gen Cup goes beyond the track; it’s a comprehensive education program. Drivers learn not only the racing and engineering aspects of the car but also the financial side of the sport. From sponsor meetings to budget calculations, they gain valuable insights into the business of racing.

Partnering with NXT Gen Cup aligns with VARTA’s vision by championing electric mobility and emphasizing fairness, education, and the development of young talent.

You can read more about our groundbreaking partnerships in our 2023 Sustainability Report.