Safety, comfort, and connectivity just got smarter.

Clarios Smart AGM provides the most reliable 12-volt power management system – designed to reduce or eliminate internal failure modes, provide continued power supply operation, and monitor battery performance over time, while also retaining the inherent benefits of our AGM battery.

The advantages of Clarios Smart AGM

Clarios Smart AGM provides uniquely superior functional safety performance to support vehicle reliability, offering real-time communications that:

  • Identify potential issues in the battery before they happen
  • Provide emergency power critical for EV and autonomous vehicles
  • Anticipate required maintenance or replacement
  • Optimize performance of the low-voltage power supply
Smart AGM Battery
Blurred SUVs Driving under Distorted Lights

New battery innovation for safer, smarter journeys.

The Clarios Smart AGM battery will be available in two to three years and will round out our robust portfolio of low-voltage battery technologies, including advanced AGM to lithium-ion. 


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