Two Male Plant Employees Checking Wiring

Safety is a Priority

When you join us, particularly in one of our production facilities, safety is a topic that we cover in depth, especially during your onboarding. Rest-assured, we’re pretty much the pros at it. We know how to work safely in our unique environments, and we will thoroughly train you on our processes to keep you safe. Your safety is our highest priority. 

Two Female Plant Workers Checking Gauges

Uniforms that we provide and launder for you

Separate lockers to store your street clothes and personal items

Safety shoes, gloves, hearing protection, and respiratory protection depending on the facility - all provided by Clarios

Extensive training when you first start working

And, we will spend time on general training topics that include:

Fire safety

Fall protection

Powertool safety

Forklift safety

Lockout awareness

Lead safety

Incident reporting

Hazard communication


And many more...