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“Clarios helps veterans integrate to civilian life by the opportunities and programs we provide. It’s a great place to work and every day is always different. The leadership skills I learned in the military apply to almost every situation I face at work. I would tell anyone leaving the military to showcase their skills because they will be received with honor and respect.”
Easton – St. Joseph, Missouri Marine Corps and Army
Kayla Baker
"Here, one person can make a big difference in the smooth workings of the plant. We have a real sense of community, benefits are excellent, and it’s a good opportunity to meet a lot of people from all walks of life. Clarios is a stable business. People are going to need batteries for a very long time. Everybody needs to be on the road, and we need to keep old cars functioning. A big part of the military is to find the support you need to get the job done with a sense of urgency. It’s the same at Clarios where a lot of my project management is about involving the right people and figuring out the resources I need."
Kayla – Portland, Oregon Marine Corps.
Howard Corcimiglia
"I learned to follow a regimen and appreciate structure. That is relevant here because we manufacture our batteries to the specifications of our automotive customers who hold us to very high standards. People with a military background are accustomed to following a very specific way of working. Anyone who served will be very comfortable here and find it natural to work in our environment."
Howard - St. Joseph, Missouri Navy