January 12, 2024

Three major trends spotted at CES 2024

Innovation was on full display at this year’s highly anticipated CES. Among the technologies showcased, three key trends rose to the top: Electrification, Digitalization and Circularity.
CES Booth

By Chey in Sales, Customer & Technology 
By Chris in Connected Services, Customer & Technology 
By Adam in Government Affairs, Sustainability 

Innovation was on full display at this year’s highly anticipated CES. Among the technologies showcased, three key trends rose to the top: Electrification, Digitalization and Circularity. These technological currents are primed to orchestrate a monumental shift in the automotive industry.  

The changes occurring within the automotive industry go well beyond the sculpted sheet metal surface. Many believe vehicles will evolve more in the next 10 years than over the past century. The reasons are clear: drivers across the globe demand their new vehicles to be smarter, safer, more connected, more comfortable, more immersive and more sustainable. Electrification, Digitalization and Circularity are the path. 

In an effort to address climate change and become less reliant on fossil fuels, manufacturers around the world are investing in electric platforms. While the percentage of EV and hybrid vehicles on the road today is relatively small, the number is expected to increase exponentially over the next 20 years. For manufacturers, xEV powertrains and autonomous features are an integral part of the vehicle roadmap moving forward. As a result, consumers can expect a growing array of in-cabin and functional safety applications. To get there Clarios is taking a system-level approach, working closely with OEMs to address the increase in electrical load requirements these changes will bring. 
CES 2024 showcased a thriving automotive industry at the forefront of digitization, highlighting key trends that will transform how we interact with our vehicles.  From seamless connectivity to personalized experiences, augmented reality windshields, biometric integration, holographic interactions, gamification & entertainment to mental well-being & focus - these are just a glimpse into the future of the car's digital experience.  
It's a future where cars are intelligent companions, seamlessly integrated into our lives, and offering a level of personalization and convenience we can only dream of today. To keep pace with the wave of digitalization, manufacturers are taking a closer look at how electricity, data and voltage is distributed throughout the vehicle. Working in concert with our OEM partners, the advanced low-voltage solutions and connected services we’re developing today are supplying the digital experiences of tomorrow. 
With a goal of eliminating waste, companies are finding new and innovative ways to create a circular economy where vehicle components remain in circulation rather than occupying a landfill. Driven by consumer demand, the Consumer Technology Association launched the Consumer Technology Circularity Initiative (CTCI) to encourage greater reuse and recycling, and ultimately create less waste. Founding members of the initiative included Lenovo, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.  
Automotive manufacturers seeking to differentiate themselves with consumers are embracing a forward-thinking approach and finding a valuable ally in Clarios. Our closed loop system has made automotive batteries one of the world’s most-effectively recycled consumer products. We recycle more than 8,000 batteries every hour of every day. In fact, we’re using our practical experience to identify opportunities for our partners to establish circular solutions of their own.  
Shaping the future 
The opportunities for OEMs to enhance functionality and elevate consumer experiences are endless. Clarios is here to turn these opportunities into reality. As platforms become increasingly complex and power-hungry, our teams are developing advanced low-voltage systems capable of addressing every need. If CES is any indication, Electrification, Digitalization, and Circularity are more than trends. They’re the future—one Clarios is excited to continue shaping.